Racer Information

  • Download MUCCY 2013 Flyer
  • Category Description:
    • Category A: Collegiate A Men/Women; USAC Category 1-2 Men/Women regardless of age; MTBXC Category 1
    • Category B: Collegiate B Men/Women, USAC Category 3 Men/Women regardless of age, MTBXC Category 2
    • Category C: Collegiate C Men/Women; USAC Category 4 men/women regardless of age: USAC Category 5 men/women regardless of age; MTBCX Category 3
    • Singlespeed: Rides a singlespeed bicycle and is not a rookie!
    • Fat Bikes: A fat bike has wide rims and large tires (3” wide) and is commonly ridden in snow, sand, cross races and on the moon.  You know if you belong in this category!
    • Adaptive: Uses adaptive equipment of any type or has prosthetics that prohibits easy on/off of the bicycle
    • Citizens: Pure rookies – looks fun but has never done it before!

    Race Rules:

    • All USAC rules apply – usacycling.org
    • USAC waiver must be signed by all racers.  Under 18 requires parent or guardian signature
    • No timing chips!  WOO HOO!
    • We will race on modified course in inclement weather

    Licensing Information

    • USAC License & BRAC Membership required
    • 1 Day USAC Licenses available $10 for Citizens, Cat 4 Men/Women & Juniors
    • 1 Day BRAC Membership available $5 – exempt with USAC 1 Day


    • Bikereg.com
    • Check Facebook page for periodic quizzes for discounts
    • Registration Opens at 7:15am and closes 40 minutes prior to race start!
    • Refunds? Nope!
    • Transfers?  Only if information is provided 1 week prior to race.  No transfers during the week of the race or day of the race

    Field Limit

    • 80 per category